“Congratulations, It’s a girl! A gorgeous little angel has arrived. I feel so blessed, everything about her is so beautiful, she’s our princess our lovely daughter, this world seems so wonderful with her existence”

We will give her all the comfort and happiness of this world.
She’s 5 now, “oh it’s time for school baby girl, let’s face the world together and learn to survive and enjoy”
She’s a gorgeous young girl now, I love that pretty smile on her face. “Don’t worry my baby, dad will get you whatever you want, don’t upset yourself it hurts”
She found herself a partner, it’s time for departure. Our little girl will get married now and start her own family, I’m worried I don’t want her away from my eyes, I don’t want my house to be empty, I don’t want anyone to hurt her.
Will he take care of her like I did?

To all the super dads! This is the stage of life when you have to let go of your daughter for her goodness. Don’t worry your baby girl is a big girl now. Your love has given her the strength to face whatever comes her way, you’ve made her strong. She can fight, survive and enjoy, she learned it from you daddy.


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