From the day you arrived in this world, you’re in constant learning state. Everyday you learn something it can be good or bad but you never stop learning. You learn by seeing, hearing and doing. Whatever is your surrounding you learn from it and you become like it, then your personality reflects your surrounding.
When you see someone immensely talented and efficient around yourself. You always think it’s natural or inherited by genes but it’s not, they are successful and talented because that’s what they choose to become by choice. They have walked a long way to achieve that, they have worked mentally and physically on themselves and on their goal. You can also be like them even you can take over them but it’s just the matter of positivity of your mind.
You have to believe that you can do it, it’s only you who can take over your fear and insecurities. Even it is psychologically proved that if you make your mind for something and you are confident about it, you can easily achieve it.
So, the point is you are your own motivator. You are your own teacher and you are your own boss. You can turn your life just the way you want it to be by just learning the game of mind.


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