Soft Colors Mischief


Soft colors are on the trend list these days. Especially in Pakistan where they weren’t so popular before, high end boutiques are loaded with soft colored dresses. Whether party wear or daily wear, you will only see people wearing light and soft colors particularly in elite society. Even brides on their wedding day prefer wearing light colored dresses and light makeup with facile jewelry. Indirectly, soft colors are becoming a high social class symbol.

Remembering the old days when Pakistani’s were known by their colorful dressing and heavy jewelry reflecting their culture and traditions. It’s no longer the same as it was but it is a good change considering the weather of major cities of Pakistan.

I personally love every color soft, bright or harsh and just want to highlight that every color is beautiful in its own way and every color has its own identity in Pakistan. Eg; Red & Maroon are identified as the colors of a bride. Don’t discard the colors from their identity.

Some people still love wearing dark, bright and heavy but they don’t wear it, just because they are  frightened of being judged for wearing the color of their choice. Don’t criticize because you individually don’t like it.

Keep it traditional and trendy, it’s the best fusion ever.

Do What Suits You


In this rapid changing fashion world where trends are changing every minute, one can not decide what trend to follow. Once someone starts following a trend and in a short span of time the trend is replaced with another new one. In this kind of a situation the lower and middle class people, who love to stay groomed can not cope.

So, What is the solution? This question pops up in every individual’s mind.

What one should do is “DO WHAT SUITS YOU” because it is not necessary what’s trending will definitely suit you. Make up your own style and identity. Observe yourself, do experiments for determining the style that totally compliments your personality. Don’t follow because everyone is following. You can follow if it brings you some good. Do it your own way to satisfy yourself not others.

My First blog ever! Major Fashion Cities

41ec5becb4a8ac7a66f9df1bb72085d8I’m Zainab, a serious fashionista.

Starting up this blogging site solely because of my love for fashion. I’m not only interested in eastern fashion but I want to explore the styling and trends of the major fashion cities like; Paris, London, New York, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid and Tokyo.

Fashion of the Globe is all about trending fashion and styles around the globe. I post weekly blogs containing updates, reviews, pros, cons and tips about the fashion world. Ranging from clothes, shoes, hair styles, makeup and fitness. This site can be very interesting for those who feed their soul with fashion.